Site icon Heritage Ranch RV Park, San Jacinto, CA


“We found a real need in the San Jacinto-Hemet Valley. We talked to many R.V. park renters and found they had a strong desire to end the insecurity of renting. They loved the idea of owning their own R.V. lot in a community they could be proud of; and they wanted some voice in their own park management. We built Heritage Ranch to fill this need.” So stated Orv and Maryann Hovdey (pictured at the bottom of the flier), developers of Heritage Ranch as they explain the basis for their vision.

The above quote is from the original flier (seen to the left) as well as this: “(Residents of Heritage Ranch will) enjoy a beautifully planned 28 acre private walled R.V. community with lush landscaping and green belts. Big R.V. lots, typical size 37′ x 50′ with concrete pads and all hook-ups including phone and cable T.V., 24 hour access mail boxes, trash services and street lighting.”

Presently, the Heritage Ranch community consists of full time residents and Snow Birds from the northern climes during the winter months.

The back of the Heritage Ranch flier is featured below. The layout of the community grounds is displayed.

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