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Why Heritage Ranch?

One newspaper columnist recently put it this way:

“Today, if we started to get small (or reduce our footprint or lifestyle or level of consumption) before we get low (or kick the proverbial galvanized metal bucket), then many of us would have a better chance of enjoying some of what the world offers without so much stress or strain.

Future generations would find their lives a bit easier too.”

One of the positive things to come from the “Great Recession” that we have experienced is that people are moved to reevaluate their lives by asking questions like:


     1.What is really important?

     2.What is the true source of my happiness?

    3.How much money do I truly need to enjoy life?

    4.How much stress am I willing to endure to earn those monies?

    5.How much debt am I willing to incur (with its corresponding stress) to enjoy my                life?

    6.What can I truly afford now, and how long will my retirement income maintain its           present value level?

One segment of the population which has encountered unique challenges regarding their future: retirees and soon-to-be retirees. With investment values decreasing and an unsure economic future in general, this group has been forced to reconsider their retirement plans. If you then add to this group the baby boomer generation which is just starting to enter retirement age, questions about viable retirement options compound.

This is where an option like Heritage Ranch enters the picture. This style of living may be an idea whose time has come, at least for a greater number of retirees, than ever before. Here are some of the advantages to living at Heritage Ranch:

  1. Affordable R.V. homes/living
  2. Community atmosphere
  3. A vote in community management
  4. Secure, gated community (Snow birds like the idea that their winter homes will be secure during their absence.
  5. Community amenities
  6. Community activities
  7. Live in your own R.V. , home, or you could buy or rent a pad for your motor home
  8. Many fun activities like golf, fishing and casinos are close, while many other Southern California activities/destinations await
  9. Convenience of various, close businesses
  10. In a phrase: affordable, entertaining, community-based retirement in sunny, Southern California – what’s not to like?
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